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Campagne overview

Each campagne offers various actions to join. You find them below under ALL ACTIONS.

Do you love powder snow and still want to enjoy it? Get involved in our campaign!
A modern and trendy lifestyle is good for climate and reduces CO2 emissions. What is your style? Are you ready for an update?
Schools go to solar sense! We are looking for 100 Swiss schools to accompany us on the road to sustainable development.
Do you want to involve in climate protection, work with other apprentices and make projects for a better world? Then book a place for the next bluecamp (organised in German).
Ein Kurzfilm Wettbewerb, der mit den Videos von kreativen TeilnehmerInnen, alle Aspekte der Suffizienz verstärkt.
"Menu Climatic" seeks to heighten awareness among the catering enterprises about the links between food and CO2, encouraging them to offer meals more favorable to the climate.
A conscious approach to resources is good for the environment. Passing on and continuing to use items gives joy and is also important in the lifetime of a product and lengthening its usefulness.
Young students are integrated into the concrete development of several immediate and ambitious climate protection measures.
We are giving out bluetrees - put them in your garden as a symbol of Climate protection.
Exchange your car during one week with an E-Bike and experience the easy going mobility that goes with it. Its free and a lot of fun. From May till August - everywhere in Switzerland.