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As a non-profit organization, myblueplanet is always looking for dynamic, motivated people who are willing to offer their know-how, experience and a little bit of their time to support our climate campaigns and actions.

What you could do at myblueplanet?

Here is a small non-exhaustive list to give you some ideas:

  • Communication expert? Become responsible for the communication of a campaign!
  • Photographer? Take photos of events and people or create visuals for various communication channels!
  • Journalist/blogger? Participate by publishing or reporting our campaigns and actions on our website and/or through various media channels!
  • Translator? Help us with translating the content created into another language (English, French)!
  • You're the extroverted kind? Distribute flyers and participate in an event!
  • You are ... You know how to do ... ? Write us! We are always looking for new volunteers!

Contact: (,) Tel. 052 203 0232