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Inspire to action - The bigger picture

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Regina Hubschmied, 05.09.2014

Sustainability is more than reducing CO2 by drinking from plastic bottles or eating vegan or avoiding Polyethylene in your toothpaste. If you want to save the planet by avoiding meat, while flying on vacation to Australia, it makes your CO2 balance worse than somebody who spends vacations at home eating tons of BBQ and drinking Coca-Cola from plastic bottles. Then again, if the latter uses toothpaste with Polyethylene and uses oral contraception, she causes feminization in river and sea fish. But how to understand such complexity? Systems put the different parts in interrelation with each other and consider feedback loops. You might ask “Is that thinking new?” Not really; since the 1970s “systems thinking” is a discipline in research. However, it hasn’t  yet found its way in our social and political life: Current global challenges are too often analyzed individually: poverty reduction, climate change, economic instability and migration to name only a few of many. To solve today’s challenges we have to look at the bigger picture, in systems.

Would you like to know how? Then sign up and join the event at the Impact Hub! After three concise and inspiring input statements we will discuss how to mainstream holistic solutions to today’s challenges in small groups.

Keynote speakers:

    • “Introduction to systems thinking and dynamics” Prof. Frank Schweitzer, Professor for Systems Design at the Chair of Systems Design at ETH Zurich
    • “Systems thinking and the global interconnected crisis (economics, governance, values)” Ian Johnson, Secretary General Club of Rome
    • “Art, Politics, Economy, Science, Space, Body, Life – Is There a Hub for these Spokes?” Neue Dringlichkeit, arts collective with the aim as they put it “sometimes we make art. sometimes we make politics. sometimes we make love…”

Fee: 20.-


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