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CO2 savings

7323 t
In 2011-2013 saved CO2 thanks to the members of myblueplanet
208 t
Current CO2 savings.
208 t CO2 have been saved till now by the myblueplanet members. Get involved and do your part to protect the climate.
myblueplanet lowers the CO2 emission measurably by we are changing our personal behavior and joining the different myblueplanet actions. These saved CO2 issues are added to the so called Sparometer for every participant of an action.

Either you reduce your personal CO2 emission or contribute indirectly to the CO2 diminution if you carry out an action. The middle CO2 saving obtained with that is calculated and imputed to the complete Sparometer by myblueplanet time delayedly. You receive an award for your engagement and are added to the participant list.

The CO2 diminution connected to actions like a journey to Paris in the TGV instead of a flight are added to the Sparometer. You can arbitrarily often repeat such actions.

In turn other actions aim at a lasting behavior change, e. g. the change from car to public traffic for the work way. Daily, the Sparometer calculates the CO2 diminution as long as here you go along with that. Whether you have succeeded in making the short-term behavior to a change in your lifestyle, is regularly checked and the saving correspondingly added to the Sparometer.

A participation in an action is also possible if you are already active doing it. With the choice ,I already do it' you receive an award for your engagement and appear in the participant list. A saving isn't imputed, however, for actions which have been carried out already.

You can analyze the change of your personal CO2 balance sheets in the balance sheets computer of Ecospeed in detail.