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For certain routes it is almost impossible to be without a car; in those cases carpooling is an environmentally friendly alternative.

What you can do?

  • Try to ride with others instead of driving alone
  • Carpool with those who have the same route (for example, work colleagues) 

Further information

Instead of driving alone, you share the route with others via carpooling. The advantages of carpooling are obvious: the capacity of the car is used optimally, the environment is protectedfewer traffic jams, and more parking spaces are provided for. In addition, drivers can share their fixed costs and enjoy a more sociable time on their way to work or etc. 

Under the slogan “Stop driving alone – start sharing”, the App iDosh was created to locate prospective carpoolers in Switzerland. You can find additional sources for carpooling in the links listed below. 

Do you already carpool or offer your car for drives? Then click “I do” in the top right corner and show your commitment. We hope for numerous copycats who become inspired to take part in “Carpooling”. 


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