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Climate-friendly investing

Your investments should have a positive long-term impact on sustainable development. Do you want to achieve something positive with your financial investments, enable a start and support solution-oriented approaches? Nonetheless, your investments should also generate a risk-adjusted return.

What can you do?

Question your investments:

  • Is my portfolio aligned with my risk capacity as I imagine it and does it meet my sustainable requirements? 
  • Do you have opportunities to invest some of your savings in a more sustainable and potentially risky way?
  • Ask your financial service provider about sustainable or climate-friendly investment opportunities.

Sustainability is already a widespread approach in the global corporate world. Anyone who behaves sustainably as a company today will be one of the successful ones in the future. Last but not least, increasing regulation is accelerating this approach. 

Today there are various approaches and products on how sustainable funds can be invested. Here too, of course, the classic ideas for investing apply, such as the investment time horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations. Bringing these into line is the individual requirement of every investor. This results in the personal investment profile and the desired portfolio can be put together with the corresponding sustainable investment preferences. The choice of sustainable investments is substantial and almost every reputable financial services provider offers these investment opportunities 

However, sustainability is not inherently climate-friendly. The industry standard ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) for sustainability is not only geared towards green / climate-friendly factors. If the E is to be weighted more heavily for the environment, it is necessary to switch to more specific thematic analog products. 

In our view, climate-friendly means not just investing in green areas per se but in promising, energy-efficient industries. Because these companies from various industries, which for the most part do not have a green touch, are working on sustainable processes and solutions that will have a long-term climate-friendly effect. Here a certain entrepreneurial spirit and initial compromises are required to support companies in their development process. Or how about the chicken and the egg, which came first? 

This climate tip was written by Rolf Gloor of Winterthur Consulting Group GmbHHe works together with MYBLUEPLANET on appropriate solutions, which have an indirect but also direct impact. 

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