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Energy saving advice

Interested in renovating your property soon? Before you start, talk to the right experts. Renovating a property is demanding and wrong decisions can be costly. With the correct approach, you can avoid bad investments.

What can you do?

Involving the right specialists is crucial for the success of a partial renovation or a complete renovation, and a non-binding inquiry costs you nothing:

  • If you have any questions about heating and energy, contact a third party energy consultant. EnergieSchweiz offers quality contacts.
  • An architect (in your region) can help with structural, architectural and building regulations questions.
  • If you have questions about profitability and taxes, contact a trustee or your bank.

Additional information

If you have a rough overall picture of the renovation work for the next 15 years, you can coordinate the work. This means you won’t literally obstruct something or spend money unnecessarily.

If you need to renovate or renew something in your building, you can only restore functionality – for example, have the roof repaired so there are no leakeages. However, you can also take the opportunity to improve the quality of the parts to be replaced. Taking the roof as an example, could mean additionally insulating the roof from the inside. It could mean installing a roof-integrated photovoltaic system instead of new roof tiles. This keeps wind and weather out and still produces electricity.

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