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Giving the gift of time

Are you still missing that special Christmas or birthday present for someone? Then give a bit of your time instead. With the gift of your time, you create joy for others and yourselfWhat you can also be sure of is that no resources were consumed for the gift and it won’t end up in the trash.

What can you do?

  • Give time to tour that someone around your favorite neighborhood haunts.
  • Give time to enjoy nature with a hike or similar excursion with that someone.
  • Give time to attend with that someone an exhibition at, for example, the Umwelt Arena, a platform for products and services for a modern, ecofriendly lifestyle.
  • Schenke Zeit und zeige der Person deine Lieblingsecken in deiner Wohngegend
  • Schenke Zeit und geniess mit der Person zusammen die Natur bei einer Wanderung oder einem anderen Ausflug
  • Schenke Zeit und besuche mit der Person eine Austellung, wie zum Beispiel die Umweltarena, um mehr über Klimaschutz zu erfahren
  • Give time to cook up a climate-friendly meal with that someone. You can find recipes and inspiration on our website under ClimateMenu.

Additional Information

Those who give the gift of time instead of wasting time on material gifts strengthen their social relationship whilst contributing to climate protection. Requiring tons of resources and energy to produce, many goods come from Asian countries such as China. Hence, long transport routes result in additional CO2 emissions. Finally, take into account that material gifts if not appreciated often end up in the trash relatively quickly.  (The combustion of which causes CO2.) Therefore, before purchasing a gift, consider whether giving “time” would not be better. 

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