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Switch to 100% renewable energy

Switch now to 100% renewable energy and support the production of clean energy like solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and water. You don’t have to own a house and install a solar panel on the roof in order to switch to renewables. Even when you are renting, you can buy certified energy from 100% renewable soures. Just fill out this form from mynewenergy and compare all the different options for renewables available to you. If convinced, you can directly order your new energy product online. The Swiss energy mix has room to improve 60% of the total Swiss energy comes from renewable sources, of which waterpower contributes the biggest share. The rest comes from nuclear power plants and fossil sources such as coal, which is produced in Europe. This energy mix puts a strain on the climate. It is possible to pull out of nuclear and fossil energy production at the same time: by a swift facilitation and build-up of renewable energy production. Everybody can be part of the energy revolution By buying certified 100% renewable energy, individuals and companies automatically support the advancement of renewable energy. The Swiss Energy Strategie 2050 also sets clear goals in this regard, such as the exit from nuclear power and thus the shutdown of five Swiss nuclear plants until 2050.

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