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Direct from the Faucet

Fresh water from the tap is cheaper, easier and more climate-friendly. The switch from bottled mineral water to tap water is worthwhilein multiple ways.

What can you do?

  • Drinking tap water at home means no more having to drag heavy bottles around. If you prefer sparkling water, there are DIY techniques and soda machines.
  • Take along a reusable bottle for tap water and refilling on the go.
  • Order tap water in restaurants.
  • Most restaurants offer tap water for free or for a minimal fee now. Occassionally the amount is donated, as in for example, the “Water for Water” campaign.

Additional Information

On average, mineral water with around 650 environmental pollution points (per liter) is over 450 times more polluted than tap water. The transport and cooling of mineral water are the driving factors for this high load.  Among other things, increased emissions of CO2 and air pollutants are a result. So, if you consume mineral water, its origin is very important re environmental impact. The average transport distance from bottling site to supermarket is currently 500 km. 

For more information and tips regarding tap water, visit the SVGW website. 


* The assessment of environmental pollution is based on the ecological scarcity method.  « The central size of the method are the eco-factors (including CO2, air pollutants or land use) that determine the environmental impact of pollutant emissions or specify resource consumption in the unit of environmental impact points (UBP) per unit of measure [according to the Federal Office for the Environment].  When determining the eco-factors, the current emissions situation on the one hand and Swiss or international goals supported by Switzerland on the other, play an important role ». According to Carbotech, 1000 UBPs correspond to the load caused by driving 3 km.

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