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Eating regime: Less meat

The consumption of local food gives more pleasure. With less consumption of meat, we protect our health and climate.

Nature provide us with a great variety of vegetable food products. That’s why we can cook in a creative and enjoyable way while caring about the climate. The consumption of vegetables in large quantities has a positive effect on health. 

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Climate Facts    

Food of animal products are the ones that produces the most greenhouse gases, particularly beef and milk products. To produce one kilo of meat, it takes between 7 to 16 kg of cereals. When comparing the carbon footprint of different animal species, beef is the worst. These are ruminants that release methane during digestion. In the atmosphere, one kilogram of methane contributes as much to the greenhouse effect as 21 of CO2 (IPCC).

The way in which livestock is fed has a greater influence than the transport of meat. Meat from conventional farming has a much worse ecological balance than that from organic farming. The production of livestock feed, which is mainly represented of soybean, requires enormous agricultural areas and destroys primary forests, for example in South America. In addition to this, we must consider that raw material is often transported over great distances.

Grössenordnung der CO2-Belastung verschiedener Lebensmittel:

Beef 15.4 kg CO2/kg
Butter 11.6 kg CO2/kg
Veal sausage 11.1 kg CO2/kg
Cheese 9.0 kg CO2/kg
Pork 5.9 kg CO2/kg
Poultry 3.6 kg CO2/kg
Milk 1.8 kg CO2/kg
Noodles 0.9 kg CO2/kg
Bananas 0.4kg CO2/kg
Legumes 0.15 kg CO2/kg

(Source: Eaternity Datenbank 2015)

Tip and tricks

  • When we want to consume a great piece of meat or good milk products, it’s better to choose a local and bio producer. This will help to reduce the CO2 emissions related with the transportation and the preservation of the products. Moreover, this type of agriculture does not result in the destruction of primary forests for soybean production.
  • The recipes of our grandmothers make it possible to use up to the least noble pieces of meat, thus limiting any waste. 
Saved CO2
7.28 t
We participate


Die beste Entscheidung die ich je getroffen habe. Erstens bin ich top fit und zweitens gebe ich mit meinem Lifestyle viel zurück.

Ist wohl die Aktion, mit der man persönlich am meisten bewirken kann. Man kann ja auch einfach mal für die ganze Family kochen, dann gibts gleich mehrere Punkte :)

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