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A lid on each saucepan

On cooking, we save a lot of energy and time when we change our habits and covering each pan and stove.

Former Federal Councilor, Adolf Ogi, drew attention to energy saving in his television program. It was in the 1980s. He just needed only two spoons of water in a covered casserole for cooking an egg. 

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If you think that “Of course, cooking with lids it goes without saying!”. Then show your commitment by clicking on “Already doing” at the top right side.

If you are willing to place a lid on every pan or stove, so click on the “For now on” button on the upper right side.

And why not to try the next tip for cooking pasta:

Use the smallest stove of your cupboards, boil the needed water in the electric kettle, then pour the water in your selected stove, add the pasta and cook with low flame using the lid. Open your stove twice during the cooking. This method will take more time, but the energy saving consumption it’s outstanding. 

Climate Facts

Cooking with a lid, will save you more time and furthermore you will reduce 70% of the energy consumption in average. A good lid made of crystal is ideal to keep an eye on your meals. Besides, you must be aware that the cooking plaque Is not bigger than your stove.

Vegetables, potatoes and eggs don’t have to be covered with water at all while cooking. In a stove cover with a lid, you will only need 1 or 2 centimeters of water and the energy consumption will be done by the vapor. The taste and the vitamins are untouched.

To heat water: the electric water heater is more efficient than the electric cooker and the cooking water is quickly ready.

Insulated cookers prevent air radiation losses and foods cook using residual heat during long cooking.  


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