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Long live to our objects

Reuse, exchange or recycle – the ideal solution for our dusty objects that clutter your attic or cellar for so long.

Have you already had the following impression? This object occupies a lot of place, it is often in the way, it would be a pity to throw it but it is no longer saleable… Or do you like object that have a soul? What you no longer use may be useful to someone else.

This helps to:

  1. Reduce waste and CO2 emissions from combustion
  2. Prevent the exploitation of natural resources and energy expenditure to produce a new object
  3. Make someone happy
  4. Gaining space

Do you want to increase the life of your objects? Sell them to the flea market, on the internet platforms like eBay, Ricardo or Amazon. If you want to donate them, take them to the Barter’s house (Tauschhaus), to humanitarian organization or second hand dealers. A reflection that is worthwhile too: the sharing of certain objects or tools. Take a look at for example.

Make your commitment visible

Your responsible and sustainable behaviour towards available resources preserves the climate and your wallet. Do you already sell, share or exchange your items? Or are you fascinated by this idea? Make your commitment visible and click on “I’m doing it” on the upper right corner.

Climate Facts

In Switzerland, the waste of resources is enormous: In 2014, 426 kg of household waste per capita was discarded, with a growing trend. The Swiss are champions in waste production in the OECD Ranking, occupying the 5th place!

Recycling is very important but it is not enough to reduce garbage piles and to preserve the climate. Less waste means less transport and less combustion in an incinerator, which releases CO2 and other pollutants.

If you want to reduce the amount of waste, think of others before throwing and object. 


We participate


Ich durfte im Geschenkhaus Give&Take eine Buchsammlung mitnehmen die ich mir schon lange gewünscht habe. Vielen Dank dem lieben Spender. Ich werde es nach dem Lesen wieder zurück stellen und so vielleicht jemand anderem auch eine Freude machen.

... und ich habe meinen heissgeliebten, nicht mehr gebrauchten Verstärker ins Tauschhaus Give&Take in Winterthur gebracht. Zuerst "reute" es mich, nun bin ich aber glücklich und bin sicher: der Verstärker wird erneut wunderbare und laute Musik in die Stuben bringen.

für Schreibtisch, Schrank und Kühlschrank. Alle meine nicht mehr gebrauchten Möbel haben vor dem Umzug einen neuen Besitzer gefunden. Einfach und unkompliziert gemacht mit einem gratis Inserat, z.B. in Basel auf

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