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Bike4Car - Treat yourself to freedom

Ditch your car and take part in a 1-week e-bike trial.

Grab an e-bike this summer and find out whether it stands the test of everyday life and fits your needs. Bike shops across Switzerland will again provide their e-bikes and invite you leave your car at home. What's more, Mobility CarSharing is offering a free 4-month trial membership.

The interactive map shows the bike shops that are taking part. You can sign up here by clicking on your chosen dealer. Electronic registration is unfortunately not possible at Coop Bau+Hobby. Just go there and register in person. 

Participants risk falling in love with an e-bike.

Last year, we asked participants whether the “Bike4Car” campaign had changed their mobility behaviour or if it had just been a one-off experiment. Most participants used the e-bike for their commute to work. There were situations where being without a car was difficult, especially for families with small children or when purchases had to be made. Here it became apparent that a combination with shared cars like Mobility makes sense. After the 2-week trial, participants had a very strong desire to own and use an own bike. This of course involves the idea of driving less.

12 km per person and day with the e-bike.

Each participant travelled about 12 km per person and day with the bike. In an estimated 80% of the cases, the e-bike replaced the car. This led to CO2 savings of around 50 tons last year.

Thank you for this commitment and the great e-bikes.

Do you want to take part in the campaign? We are looking for people who tell us how they experience the changeover: how does it feel to exchange a car for an e-bike during one week? What joy and problems does it bring? Please get in touch directly with the project manager: Karin Witschi,

Ich habe mir diese Freiheit gegönnt!

Die Kampagne Bike4Car hat seit 2010 schon über 4'500 Autofahrer motiviert, für zwei Wochen ein E-Bike auszuprobieren. Und einige haben sich ein E-Bike beschafft und sogar das Auto verkauft. Was diese Leute motiviert hat, aufs E-Bike umzusteigen, kannst du dir hier anschauen.


If you exchange your car against an e-bike, you will save a significant amount of CO2. Make these savings visible with the campaign “Bike4Car”. The saved CO2 will be communicated to all participants at the end of the campaign.


“Bike4Car” has been facilitated through the alliance of various companies and organisations. All campaign partners have made a big commitment so that you can exchange your car for an e-bike during two weeks. Here you can find out who is doing what.
Saved CO2
8.09 t

Klimaschutz konkret - Unsere Aktionen

Want to experience the awesome feeling of freedom on an e-bike? The feeling of being mobile, fast and happy without the hassle of an own car?
62 already participated
Saved CO2
8.09 t

Karin Witschi - Leiterin «Bike4Car»


2010 lancierte Karin Witschi «Bike4Car» als Pilotprojekt in Winterthur. Die Aktion stiess auf reges Interesse, so dass «Bike4Car» in den darauffolgenden Jahren in der gesamten Deutschschweiz durchgeführt wurde. Dank starker Partner können nun seit 2015 auch Menschen aus der Romandie und dem Tessin ein E-Bike testen.
Für ihr Engagement wurde Karin Witschi an der «Trophée des Femmes 2017» der Fondation Yves Rocher für ihr wirkungsvolles Engagement für die Umwelt und das Klima mit dem zweiten Platz ausgezeichnet.