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Looking for Cool Heads!

Do you want to be active for the Environment instead of just watching? Do you want to cooperate with other young people on projects to develop a better world?

I will participate!

Then sign up now for the bluecamp 2017 from myblueplanet. You learn about what is harming the environment and practical things you can do to make a change. We also encourage you to develop your own ideas and help you to carry these out successfully. Our coaches will actively support you. Students up to the age of 25 years old may participate. The workshop is for 2 days and costs CHF 250.



The bluecamp workshops provides important background information on the topics of climate protection, reducing CO2 emissions and project management. But that's not all: at bluecamp you will learn to think for yourself and develop and implement your ideas. Because knowledge alone can not create change.

The bluecamps work with myblueplanet as an independent climate protection organisation. This is supported by many volunteers and a network of business and community personalities. Even former alumni come and join our workshops. 


Each camp deals with similar topics. These include energy consumption, nutrition, water and climate protection in the office. Instead of dry theory you will gain knowledge by excursions, watching films, participating in guided discussions and group exercises or by cooking climate sustainable menus - all while working with the other participates. Each and every workshop has it's own topics and experiences turning knowledge into real climate protection. 


Who can participate in bluecamp? We are searching for energetic and motivated young people up to the age of 25. You are reliable and persistent and you want to make a difference. You like organising and you can inspire others and have experience with presentations using digital media - or you want to get better at these skills.


In previous years, our participants have implemented many strong climate projects, so called "bluesolutions". One team organised a climate themed fun run in Züricher Letzigrundstadion. Another distributed recyclable drink bottles to passers-by,  exchanged disposable cups at coffee machine for real cups or changed light bulbs to LED in offices. By participating in these "bluesolutions" the teams were exposed to many other personality types who supported the implementation of their project. Check out bluesolutions.


Does that sound interesting? It is! And you can be there this year if you apply! If you have any questions about bluecamp or want make contact with previous participants then write an email or call: or  +41 52 203 02 32. We look forward to hearing from you!

Be there and apply today!

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