Our Story

The climate protection movement MYBLUEPLANET was founded in 2007. Since then, much has been moved under the same slogan:«We show on the small scale, what is possible on the large scale». MYBLUEPLANET form 2007 until today: a moving story in three phases. 

Project Archive

Autumn 2006: How it started

After watching the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” at New York, it was clear for Dani Lüscher that it was time to act.  When he was back in Switzerland he contacted a few friends and all together they began. Just two weeks later, they collected enough money to play for free the documentary “Al Gore” at a cinema in Winterthur. It was a success. More than 15,000 people watched the movie. That was MYBLUEPLANET’s birth as an organization, a citizens’ initiative who want to involve themselves personally on the theme of climate protection.

2006 – 2009: The first flap

A supporting environment for local climate projects

1. Free cinema week in Oktober 2006

For a week, MYBLUEPLANET screened the movie «An inconvenient Truth» three to four times per day in one of Winterthur’s cinemas. The room was full every time. It was a complete success. This cinema idea of Winterthur was imitated lately with the same success in Schaffhausen and in Zug. 

Alone in Winterthur 30’000 people and 15 school classes watched the movie and awakened. Many guests registered as volunteers and together we started the climate protection movement MYBLUEPLANET.

2. DVD-Action «Transfer Knowledge» in March 2007

With the purpose to mobilise more people to act,  more than 1,000 DVDS of «An inconvenient Truth» were produced and distributed to the public with the help of 45 enterprises from the region. This project was the birth of the “Films for the Earth” organisation, which continues to offer free documentaries to schools. 

3. Public Transportation Campaign «Change now» in the year 2007

In December 2006, MYBLUEPLANET started a large scale public poster campaign in the city busses of Winterthur. We used this opportunity to educate the public each month about a new topic in the area of climate and environmental protection, which should motivate a climate friendly lifestyle. «Each kilo counts» resulted from this project. 

4. Ideas turn into trees in March 2007

For every idea accomplished, MYBLUEPLANET plants a tree in Winterthur. Each tree has an info flyer explaining what this specific tree stands for. The roots grew deeper, the stems became stronger and the Wind distributed our projects and tree seats throughout Switzerland. Trees are a visible sign for lived climate protection. This campaign resulted in the project «Bluetree».

5. MYBLUEPLANET project competition with funding price in June 2007

In cooperation with the ZHAW school at Winterthur MYBLUEPLANET launched a project competition for students in the field of applied climate and environmental protection. It was planned to support five projects of which the best two would be realized in the framework of a diploma work. Since then, the best diploma work has been awarded with a prize. This project resulted in the Swiss Green Economy Symposium.  

6. «Live Earth Concert» on 7th July 2007 at Albani music bar

“Live Earth” was a series of international concerts that took place in many cities of the world on the 7th of July 2007. MYBLUEPLANET organized a concert of 24 hours that day with more than 100 musicians worldwide at the legendary Albani Club. The concert was held for a better treatment of our mother earth and called for taking climate change seriously.  climate change very seriously.

7. Klimalandsgemeinde

The Klimalandsgemeinde is a common initiative Initiative of MYBLUEPLANET, Club of Rome, ZHAW and the city of Winterthur. It was brought to live in 2012. Out of this project emerged MYBLUEPLANET Give&Take, RestEssBar, Wiederverwerkle and bare Ware.

2008 – 2018: Riding the wave

Lokal becomes national.

1. Climate Protection Symposium of the region Winterthur on 23rd February 2008 

The twenty-five communal presidents of Winterthur’s region as well as the city counselor M. Michael Künzle participated in a discussion about collaboration for climate protection. The aim of this symposium was to provide the necessary visibility to best practice cases and to showcase the way to success, which is not always easy.

2. Corporate Volunteering Aktion on 20th June 2008

Under the slogan «Heart to Heart», people from AXA Winterthur and MYBLUEPLANET together collaborate for climate protection. Within one day they distributed 700 water-saving products, among others in senior residencies. The volunteers enjoyed to step into a different environment and to get in touch with the local citizens. The communities were very happy with the professionalism and efficiency of the project. The project lead was amazed by the proactivity of the volunteers and their readiness of the institutions to collaborate. 

3. First blueday on 8th December 2008

For the first time, we sent our blue Santa Clauses. On December 8th, all train passengers from the region were thanked at Bahnhofstrasse Zurich for their respectful climate behaviour. A very popular action also followed by Zurich and Winterthur media.

4. Climate World in Zürich from 9th to 11th April 2010

For the first time, climate world took place in Zurich. The new mix of exhibitions, forums and fairs at Zurich main train station focused solely on CO2 Reduction.  Non profit organisations and societies presented themselves next to commercial exhibitors in the areas house and energy, household and living as well as conscious mobility and presented actions to participate and various climate topics. Presentations and podium discussions took place as part of a knowledge platform.

From 2019: The fish flies

Since the foundation of MYBLUEPLANET in 2006 we evolved and grew beyond our expectations.  The office currently holds a team of five workers. We get support from our ever growing community of volunteers – among which are specialists from various areas: communication, marketing, business, psychology, organsiational development and environmental engineering. This enabled us to implement climate protection projcects across Switzerland and stay locally anchored. Our first national campaign „Bike4Car“ provided the possibility to those interested, to lend an e-bike for two weeks for free – under the condition that the own car remains in the garage during this time period.

This makes us proud and we build on this.