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Skier, climber, mountain hotel owner, resort employee, or winter sports exec, you know one thing for certain: snow is life. And thanks to climate change, winters are getting warmer and snow’s not coming like it used to – and disappearing more quickly than ever.

That’s why thousands of winter sports athletes, businesses, resorts, and mountain communities around the world are joining I AM PRO SNOW and the 100% Committed campaign to help stop climate change. By becoming 100% Committed, these forward-looking individuals, companies, and towns are working to dump the dirty fossil fuels driving climate change and shift to 100-percent clean, renewable energy.
Join us. Because after all, it’s not just our seasons and snow at stake. It’s our way of life. Join the 100% Committed community shifting to clean energy and help protect the snow that fuels our dreams and feeds our families.

Clean, mountain air. Clean, renewable energy. Together, they make for a bright, sustainable future – with plenty of snow in the forecast. And that’s worth fighting for.

I AM PRO SNOW in Switzerland

The I AM PRO SNOW campaign was initiated by the Climate Reality Project organization founded by Al Gore and has many supporters across the world. For myblueplanet, spreading the word in Switzerland goes without saying. The ski resorts of LAAXArosa LenzerheideEngadin St. Moritz Mountains and Saas-Fee commit to 100% renewable electricity. Several impressive swiss athletes are inviting snowsports fans to do the same.

 Do you want your favorite swiss ski resort to accelerate the transition to renewable energies and join the campaign? Contact, project leader of the campaign in Switzerland.

I AM PRO SNOW Ambassadors

Many cool winter sports champions and adventurers stand-up to climate disruption. They are committed to sharing the message. Have a look! The I AM PRO SNOW ambassadors are a true inspiration.

Sina Candrian
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

Sina Candrian grew up in the mountains and at 5 years old she was already amazing on the board. She has been a professional Snowboarder since 2005 and participates in a number of competitions around the world. She got the 4th place in Slopestyle at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Beyond the competitions, she loves riding in powder snow with friends and like-minded people. She aspires at enjoying this activity for many years to come, that is why she is PRO SNOW.

Nicolas Müller
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

Nicolas Müller is a world class snowboarder. Competing at every important contest until 2005, he then decided to turn his back to competition and stop the never ending “always higher always better”. Instead, he now rides for the feeling: serenity, style and be part of the mountain is what he aspires to. He lives in Laax and says: “… I am truly myself when I am on the mountain”. That’s why he takes a stand for climate protection and shares the PRO SNOW message.

Citation from an interview with Der Zeit (2013)

Seraina Boner
Pro Snow ambassador

Zur Person

Born in Klosters, Seraina Boner is a gifted Swiss cross-country skier, competing since 1998 in world-class competitions including the Winter Olympics of Torino and Sochi. She specializes since 2010 in long distances and delivers amazing performances in the Ski Classics and the FIS Marathon Cup. Climate Change has global and local impacts. It affects not only her favorite sport but also the mountain community that saw her growing up. That is why Seraina is PRO SNOW.

Myrionymos Baikouzis
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

In his twenties, the young snowboarder and freestyler spends his free time on the slopes. Myrionymos combines snowboarding and filming and creates exciting videoclips of his Laax Surf Club friends. Because he wants to enjoy crazy tricks and films in the beautiful white landscapes in the future, Myrionymos is PRO SNOW.

Giulia Tanno
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

Giulia Tanno is a promising young freeskier from Lenzerheide, competing at the highest level in Slopestyle and Big Air around the world. In 2012, she started taking part in the FIS and AFP World Tour competitions. During the 2016/2017 season, Giulia reached the podium with an impressive second place at the Worldcup in El Colorado (Chile) as well as a third place at the Winter X-Games 2017 in Aspen (USA), in the Big Air discipline. Giulia is PRO SNOW.

Kalle Koblet
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

As Winterthur native, he didn’t exactly grow up close to the slopes. Kalle Koblet is nevertheless one of the most promising athletes of he swiss boarder cross team. For practice, Kalle is often at Flumserberg, which he calls his «homemountain». In the 2016/2017 season, he won gold at the junior world championships in the czech republic. He is now on his way to the very top! Kalle Koblet is a direct witness of the consequences of climate change on european glaciers. Therefore, he is PRO SNOW.

Sandro Viletta
Pro Snow ambassador

Zur Person

Sandro Viletta grew up in La Punt-Chamues-ch in the mountains of Engadin. After a remarkable  success  at the Junior World Championships at the Mont Sainte- Anne he took first place in the World Cup Race in 2006 in Levi. Serious injuries held him back but he never gave up. His biggest success was achieved in 2014 at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi winning a gold medal in Super-Combination. He aligns himself with our planet and the valuable snow. He is PRO SNOW!

Felix Keller
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

The Samedaner Glaciologist Dr. Felix Keller is Co- Leader of the Institute and lecturer at the Academia Engadinia as well as a visiting lecturer at the ETH. In his job he is confronted daily with climate change. With different projects he commits to saving the glaciers. One of the projects is artificial snowmaking on the Morteratsch Glacier another one is the recycling of meltwater for ensuring drinking waterreserves  for future generations. Felix Keller is PRO SNOW.

Marc Berthod
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

Skier, Marc Berthod grew up in Engadin. Since he was a boy his passion was snow. Thanks to his victory at the Kuonisbärgli (Adelboden) after starting in 60th place he is known all over the world. Since then, he succeeded at several  other World Cups and won two bronze medals at the World Championship. After finishing his career as a Skier he started as a Co-Commentator at SRF in the 2017/2018 season. In this way he keeps his connection to the wintersport. He is PRO SNOW.

Reto Kestenholz
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

Reto Kestenholz grew up in the Swiss Mountains near Bern. He is a member of the Ride Greener association who’s goal it is to motivate freeriders to respect the environment and protect the climate.  In Ride Greener’s movie StepsReto Kestenholz demonstrated that stunningly beautiful ski and snowboard footage can be taken with minimal CO2 emissions. Wintersports can and should be as close to nature as possible. Reto is PRO SNOW. 

Yannick Messmer
Pro Snow ambassador

Zur Person

In the village of Speicher 940 meters high, Yannick grew up with snow. He quickly developped a passion for wintersports. As cofounder of the Laax Surf Club, he spends every possible second of free time on his board, either on a glacier in Summer in Zermatt or in Graubünden during the winter months. Yannick measures the importance of snow for the swiss tourism and for himself, as well as the impact of climate change on the future of snow. Yannick is PRO SNOW.

Alessandro Boyens
Pro Snow Ambassador

Zur Person

On a board since 2001, Alessandro did not leave the scene since then. He reached a professional level in two years. His favourite disciplines are Half Pipe and Big Air in snow, and Wakeboard on water. Alessandro won first place at the Suzuki Open of 2003 and then the Kaunertal Opening in Austria. He participated to all the large competitions, be it the US Open or the Worltour. Native from Hamburg, Alessandro spends a lot of his time in Switzerland, either snowboarding or shooting and producing snowboard films. Alessandro loves real snow, and is therefore PRO SNOW.

Become an ambassador

Bist du ein Wintersportler und du möchtest deine Wettkämpfe nicht auf den grünen Bergen durchführen? Werde jetzt I AM PRO SNOW Botschafter und ändere das. Gib dem Schnee eine stimme. 

Bewerbe dich jetzt als Botschafter!

LAAX is a pioneer with Mountain Tourism and Sustainability. LAAX is Freestyle, but with respect for nature. LAAX is PRO SNOW. That is why a range of measures have been taken to protect our climate and preserve the environment. And this is just the beginning: LAAX commits to being the first self-sustaining Ski Resort, in order to offer sustainable holidays to guests. More information can be found here

The Saastal cable car company promotes actively responsible tourism. They already can boast that almost 94% of the total electricity consumption for lifts and cable cars comes from regional hydropower and solar power. As a partner of the sustainability campaign “I AM PRO SNOW – 100% Committed”, it is their goal to go one step further with renewable energy, to engage employees in climate protection and to mobilise the guests. More info about the sustainability measures of the mountain railways here: Saastal Bergbahne AG Nachhaltigkeit. 

With the commitment “I AM PRO SNOW – 100% Committed”, the ski resort of Arosa Lenzerheide wants to contribute to climate protection and improve the future perspectives for snow cover. The cable car companies of Arosa and Lenzerheide both purchase electricity from 100% renewable sources (hydro- and solarpower). Because sustainability is for Arosa and Lenzerheide not just a trendy word. A number of key measures have already been implemented, a lot remains to be done. More information here 

It is nature that provides work in a ski resort. It is only logical to use our environment as gently as we can and to protect it. Within the responsibility of Engadin St. Moritz Mountains lies therefore respect for nature and its ressources as well as the implementation of sustainable work practices. Engadin St. Moritz Mountains commits for this reason to 100& renewable electricity. More infos here. 

(Picture © Engadin St. Moritz Mountains_Giovanoli&Fanzun)

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Winter seasons are getting shorter and the snow cover melts. We see it in the Alps and we see it worldwide.

  • The zero-degree line has risen by approximately 300 m in Switzerland since the 1960s. Natural habitats, fauna and flora are also moving towards higher ground.
  • The alpine ski resorts have observed a snowfall decline of 15-25%.
  • The snow season has lost 5.3 days per decade since the winter of 1972-73.
  • In Colorado, the snow melts 2 weeks earlier than it used to in the 1970s.




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