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Diet is responsible for about 1/3 of all consumer driven environmental pollution in Europe, the largest share is green house gas.

Working closely together with the association Eaternity myblueplanet wants to motivate restaurants to offer their guests a Climate Friendly Menu. Every year in September we launch the operation “Klimamenu”. Traditional meals generate about 1600 g CO2 in manufacturing and transporting raw products. Cooking only seasonal, regional and mostly plant products uses <600 g CO 2 per person – that means a savings of about 1 kg CO2.



1. How to participate

2. Participating Restaurants

3. Press Review

4. Partners



How to participate

Restaurants, which wish to offer guests the "Klimamenu", have received all the important material and information and so the food is almost already cooked and delivered! The restaurant has a sticker on the door showing the savings of CO2 emissions when they use the "Klimamenu". We have come before you and made suggestions on their service. Recommended time: max. 20 minutes.
Contact:  Andrea Dähler and Steffi Wolf,">

On the right corner find the link to «FEINE KLIMAMENUES» to find a place for great recipes

Infomaterial and further information is are here: 


Receipe ideas




Participating Restaurants

So far these Restaurants have participated:

Villa Sträuli, Winterthur

Restaurant Tüfi, Zürich

Salotto, Zürich

Restaurant Klima, Umweltarena Spreitenbach

Chez Toi, Zürich

Simply Soup, Zürich

Buffet Dreieck, Zürich

Mein Küchenchef, Bern

Café Cairo, Bern

Restaurant Stadtspital Triemli, Zürich

Cantina Don Camillo, Basel

Frohsinn, Weinfelden

Ristorante Concordia, Winterthur

Coalmine, Winterthur

Tuck-Tuck Catering, Fällanden

EquiTable, Zürich

Vegelateria, Zürich

Compass Group (ZHAW Mensen), Winterthur

Kafi Schoffel, Zürich

Babus, Zürich

Samses, Zürich

Maison Blunt, Zürich

Zum Alten Löwen, Zürich

Restaurant Casinotheater, Winterthur




Press Review





Max Havelaar Klimamenu




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Klimaschutz konkret - Unsere Aktionen

Combining pleasure and climate protection is easy. With the help of seasonal, regional and bio products, exquisite and healthy dishes can be produced and the ingredients produce little CO2 emissions.
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