Our Initiatives

Education on climate topics

We share our expertise on climate topics and provide support to realise climate protection initiatives in schools, vocational training colleges and universities.

Climate School ›

Climate School is a programme for schools to implement sustainability and to emphasize climate protection. With a creative educational approach, the programme aims to create awareness within schools and the wider community.


We organise two-day workshops for motivated apprentices on the topic climate and showcase how our ideas move the world and reduce CO2.

Climate friendly lifestyle

We support climate-friendly consumption and use of food and non-food goods within the public and with gastronomers.

Climate Menu ›

In collaboration with Eaternity we motivate the preparation of climate-friendly menus and therewith reduce CO2 emission.

Less is More ›

With this awareness campaign we inspire people to not trash, but repair instead.

Bluetree ›

In this project we plant trees and together set a clear sign for climate protection.

Give & Take›

At Winterthur’s Give&Take house, useful items can be left for others as a gift. Many things which may not be useful to you anymore can have a second life and make someone else happy.

Renewable Energy

We promote the use of renewable energy and e-mobility to reduce CO2 emissions with our communication efforts.

I am Pro Snow ›

We collaborate with ski resorts, lift owners and ski huts to promote the use of renewable energy.

MyBlueCard ›

Together with our partners we support the use of electric cars.