Climateactions – It is time!

This is TEDxMYBLUEPLANET, an interactive virtual climate event –part of the global TEDx Countdown initiative- with focus on Swiss Romande. 

Join us to hear from leading national and local experts like Professor Christoph Schär, Janet Hering, Sascha Nick, David Rochat and others of what the climate crisis means for Switzerland and for our region. You will learn about solutions and about climate plans and youth engagement. Global experts and speakers will introduce you to TEDxCountdown and to the main topics. And you are invited to share your ideas and thoughts, too. 

The complete programme will be available prior to the event. This event is bi-lingual; French and English. 

The right time to act for the climate is now !


What is Countdown?

Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. It seeks to bring together scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, urban planners, farmers, CEOs, investors, artists, government officials, and others to find the most effective, evidence-based ideas out there with the goal of identifying the bold solutions that can be activated when people break out of their silos and rise to the challenge.