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Daniel Hinder

Culinary Events & Catering by Chef Hinder
My personal reasons/motivation to join myblueplanet: 
Mehr Personen informieren wie einfach und gut es ist CO2 arme Menüs zuzubereiten.


Vor krummen Gurken oder unförmigen Äpfeln brauchst du nicht zurückzuschrecken. Sie schmecken genauso gut.
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Airing in winter is particularly indicated. So, you improve wellness at home and you make the environment healthier.
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When appliances and electronics arrive at the end of their life and need to be replaced, what should you pay attention to when you buy?
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Thanks to the wood and the cellulose exploitation, the world’s forest heritage is reduced. As consumers of paper, we are co-responsible.
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Saved CO2
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Your strawberries come from Europe rather than another continent? That makes the big difference in terms of CO2! Indicate with how many kg of fruits or vegetables from here you support the climate.
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Saved CO2
3.41 t
On cooking, we save a lot of energy and time when we change our habits and covering each pan and stove.
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Tap water is fresh and healthy in Switzerland. It’s nice to know that we do not need to buy bottled water.
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Saved CO2
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The consumption of local food gives more pleasure. With less consumption of meat, we protect our health and climate.
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Saved CO2
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Der Kleiderschrank ist voll, aber du hast nichts zum Anziehen? Weniger ist mehr: Dank ein paar hochwertigen und zeitlosen Mode-Basics im Schrank kombinierst du im Nu tolle Hingucker.
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