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Jonathan Rezzonico

My personal reasons/motivation to join myblueplanet: 
Mein klimafreundliches Verhalten weiter zu verbessern!


Climate change affects all of us. Invest in your knowledge and learn how to protect the climate.
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Airing in winter is particularly indicated. So, you improve wellness at home and you make the environment healthier.
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On cooking, we save a lot of energy and time when we change our habits and covering each pan and stove.
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Let the clean linen dry in the open air thanks to the sun and wind. During the fitting or ironing, the laundry breaths freshness and sun. A delicious perfume that remains until the next use.
Aktion Waesche trocknen myblueplanet
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Although the office or paperless life may not be a reality. It is simple to reduce the flow of paper. Fact that is good for the environment and the climate.
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The consumption of local food gives more pleasure. With less consumption of meat, we protect our health and climate.
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Saved CO2
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