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Manuel Scherrer

My personal reasons/motivation to join myblueplanet: 
Das Projekt JZZ mit einem Zivi-Einsatz auf die nächste Stufe zu heben und bis Ende 2015 10 neue Dächer zu aquierieren.


People that often take the bike like the skater Sarah Meier, enjoy twice their croissant of Sunday morning. Pedaling is excellent for health and the environment.
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Let the clean linen dry in the open air thanks to the sun and wind. During the fitting or ironing, the laundry breaths freshness and sun. A delicious perfume that remains until the next use.
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Although the office or paperless life may not be a reality. It is simple to reduce the flow of paper. Fact that is good for the environment and the climate.
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Tap water is fresh and healthy in Switzerland. It’s nice to know that we do not need to buy bottled water.
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Beauty is in our doorstep - in our own country, in our mountains and near our lakes. Have you ever noticed it?
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