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Vision, Mission & Code of Conduct

We are committed to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to develop their sustainable mobility habitat. We want to achieve the goal of one tonne of CO2 produced per person and limiting electric energy consumption to 2,000 watts by promoting climate-friendly behaviour, using renewable and environmentally friendly energies and by the economization of energies and resources in general. Everyone can be part of the myblueplanet community. We are committed with respectful, pragmatic and innovative solutions.


Myblueplanet code of conduct

Climate protection is a global issue
We do not want to change the world, but we want to change our immediate environment

Reduce before compensating
We want to reduce GHG through our behaviour and not through the trading of emission allowances.

We want to encourage action
Through our behaviour, campaigns and actions, we want to encourage our citizens to be committed with the climate by modifying their behaviour.

We are independent.
We are not affiliated with any political party, organization or institution. We are not in competition with other organizations, we are autonomous.

All our resources are designated to climate protection.
As a non-profit organization, all funds generated are used for projects aimed at protecting the climate and the environment. All this is possible thanks to several donations, partners, volunteers, as well as an excellent administration with minimal funding.

Unsere Vision drückt aus, wer wir als myblueplanet sein wollen. Unsere Mission zeigt, wie wir dies erreichen wollen.