Project 3C : Climate Collaboration Catalyst

The objective of reduction is set, but the path towards net zero needs to be found in the efficiency of the agents of change. To catalyze B2B collaborations, we are piloting a new approach, one that focuses on relationship building as a way to effectively share resources and open doors for new opportunities across organizations.

With aligned values, and better collaborations, we can have the impact that we aim for!


Who can participate?

  • Representative of organizations/companies active in the field of sustainability.
  • Representative of organizations/companies willing to become more sustainable, and able to support other participants according to strengths.
  • Representative who agrees with our shared values of transparency, altruism and common responsibility. 

Why join the Project 3C ecosystem?

  • Save time on searching for collaborations through targeted and structured collaborative offers.
  • Join a trusted network of organisation/company’s representatives who share common values and vision.
  • Contribute in moving the field of sustainability towards greater impact through joint efforts.


Project 3C Ecosystem


We are a trusted network of representatives from varying fields of work and organizational types such as NGOs, academics and SMEs. Collaborating with a common vision of a climate-friendly tomorrow. As of January 2024, our network consists of around 30 participating organizations who confirmed their interest. Our goal by the end of 2024 is to integrate double in size of organizations from varied industries. The more engaged everybody is, the better the overall added value for everybody within this network.

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Personalised Approach
w Manual Matchmaking


You can reach out directly to us to be matched manually according to needs vs skills. We listen actively to you to understand your organisation’s challenges and needs. Book a meeting with us below in the open time slots for further support.


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B2B Matchmaking


(In development) An online platform that provides enhanced visibility, facilitates the exchange of best practices, offers collaboration tools, and employs a matchmaking system based on mission, needs and skills. Each match lasts 3 months with 4 meetings.


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Workshop & Network


(In-person) Quarterly topic-based workshops led by an expert to tackle the challenges of collaboration and the development of a shared vision. We complement our workshops with sessions of structured networking.

Dates 2024: 14th March, 5th June, 21st September, 11th December 

Reserve a spot

If time is short and you cannot / do not want to sign up for our online platform or our offline workshops, you may contact the project team directly to get started in collaborating to address your challenges whilst supporting another organisation/company in need. 

Once fully signed up, each collaborative mentorship will last 3 months with 4 meetings, the sweet spot. Then, participants will be re-matched according to needs vs skills. This will facilitate relationship building and knowledge sharing between participants in the Project 3C network.

It is important to note that a match is initially a one-way relationship. The language used in the platform is about Mentor/Mentee relationship. In this scenario, the mentor is normally able to support the mentee regarding one of its challenges, according to his own set of skills/strengths. The mentee receives support from the mentor according to his needs.

It is only possible to sign up either as a mentor or a mentor and a mentee. We didn’t want to open the possibility, within this network, for people to be in a position of receiving without giving.

Designer, Facilitator & Coach: Veronique Vallieres
Project Team: Khulan Berger (, Clément Vaneck Duymaer (

After the launch of Project 3C in late 2023, the first in-person touchpoint takes place on 14th March 2024. The purpose is to continue to lay the foundations for a thriving network to bring our shared vision and values to life. 

Related Practices

  • Network charter with principles, accountabilities, working agreements
  • Ecosystem mapping & canvas

Development of Project 3C

Launch Report

This project is entirely open-source, and we want the development process to be transparent, so that the participants can have a full overview. In this report, you will be able to understand how the project came about, what happened during the launch, the specifics of our three solutions, and what is planned for further development in 2024.

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