The team

Our team consists of climate enthusiasts and experts from the economy, science, politics and society in the areas of education, project management IT and communication. Together we stand for climate protection.

Sabrina Herold

Daniel Lüscher
Project Manager Climate Action Now & Mybluecard

Joëlle Hérin
Project MAnager I am pro snow

Angela Serratore
Project Manager Climate School / Every Cell Counts

Juan Pablo Dosa Leon
Project Manager Less is More

Andrea Stamm
Project Manager Bluecamp

Judith Bernet
Project Manager Bluecamp Solothurn

Ralph Burkart
Project Manager Climate Menu

Hermina Olah Vas
Project Manager Climate Menu

Beat Bühler
Project Manager Give & TAke

Matthias Gfeller
Project Manager Mobility

Peter Maly
Project Manager Digital

Timo Oliveri
EDucation Lead Climate School / Every Cell Counts

Dietmar Kohler
Support Education Climate School / Every Cell Counts

Rebecca Jäckli
Communication & Marketing

Theresa Karpati

Anna-Maria Leo
Communication & Marketing Climate School / Every Cell Counts

Willi Herrmann

Claudia Bamert
Human Resources

Sonja Schumacher

Pauline Brugger
Intern Projects & Administration

Alexander Aeppli
Civil Servant IT & Webdesign

David Heritsch
Civil Servant Projects & Administration

Claudio De Rosa
Civil Servant Projects & Administration

Sereina Winteler

Beratung & Fachwissen

Alexander Beck

Cornelia Stettler
Knowledge Expert in Climate Protection

Edda Walraf
Marketing & Communications

Fabio Gambarara
Project Management

Tom Lukacevic
Digital Strategy Lead

Regina Hubschmied
Digital Strategy

Elena Giffon
Fundraising & Partnerships

Ueli Brunner
Sustainability & Volunteering

Thomas Fedrizzi
Project Development & Coach Climate School / Every cell counts

Executive Board

Daniel Lüscher

Sven Lidén

Dr. Armin Guhl


Maxi Ghamari

Marc Oehri

Bilder: Karin Witschi und Lucie Carbonneaux