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Terms of use

The subsequent terms of use are valid for all MYBLUEPLANET websites.

1. Intellectual Property

The website of MYBLUEPLANET and its entire content (text, photos, illustrations, images, grapsh, videos, logos, documents and more) are liable to international law and the swiss constitution.  If not otherwise declared, all rights are reserved to MYBLUEPLANET. The content of this website is protected  Inhalt dieser Website ist protected by copyright.  Each reproduction without an explicit written consent from MYBLUEPLANET is regarded a fraud and banned by law.

Unauthorised reproduction of the brand MYBLUEPLANET, including logo, and its characteristics will be punished by law.

2. Place of jurisdiction

The legal provisions for content and data transfer in direct correlation with the website are subject to Swiss law. In the event of dispute and when no consent can be achieved, the place of jurisdiction is Winterthur, Switzerland.

3. Purpose of this website

The purpose of this website is the transfer of information about MYBLUEPLANET. Furthermore, this website is a communication and knowledge platform on the topic climate protection and informs about projects and activities.

All information on this website is available for free and serves exclusively informative purposes. It does not serve any business or professional service-relations between you and MYBLUEPLANET.

The published tools do neither justify a prompt to pose an offer nor an offer in itself. MYBLUEPLANET seeks to maintain content on this website updated, complete and correct. Since information can be subject to fast changes, currentness, correctness and/or completeness cannot be guaranteed.

The information provided on this website do neither pose a binding decision support nor do they present answers to questions of consultation, nor should any (legal) decision be based on information provided on this website. Each act, which is based on the information provided on this website is performed at the own risk of the user.

4. Functions of this website

MYBLUEPLANET does not take any responsibility and provides no guarantee that the functions on this website are available constantly and uniterrupted, free of errors or that errors are corrected or that the website or the respecitve server is free of viruses or any other malware.

5. Links

This website containts links to websites from third parties. Their content are not under any influence of MYBLUEPLANET for which reason we cannot provide any guarantee for their correctness, completeness and lawfulness. MYBLUEPLANET does not assume any liability for the content on third party sites.

6. No secure data transfer

The E-Mail communication takes place via an open access and cross-boarder network. It is encrypted. It can not be excluded that data sent through third parties can be viewed and that therewith an approach to MYBLUEPLANET can be traced back.

7. Non-liability

The content of this website contains no assurance or guarantees. MYBLUEPLANET is in no case liable, including negligence and liability across third parties for all possible direct and indirect consequential damage, which would be a consequence of the use of information and material made available on this website or through the access of links provided on this website.