What’s it all about?

The ClimateActions 4 Companies programme encourages small and medium-sized organisations to take the path towards net zero. The special features of the programme are the involvement of the entire workforce and the focus on behavioural change. Participation in the programme gives participating organisations the opportunity to position themselves as pioneers in the areas of climate protection and climate neutrality.

We accompany your organisation on this path and impart knowledge on topics such as electricity or waste. In addition, we work together to develop ambitious climate protection goals and evaluate which ClimateActions are necessary to reduce the organisation’s CO2 emissions. You will experience with us that protecting our planet is not difficult, but fun and pays off.


The BlueLine in 7 steps


Die BlueLine mit den Phasen bis zum Ziel in form einer blauen Linie
  • Together we define the route, responsibilities and a rough orientation.
  • An internal CoreTeam is established, which is responsible for the topic of climate protection in the company as well as the cooperation with MYBLUEPLANET.
  • A clear starting point is created. Relevant information is collected and analysed by those responsible in operations with the aim of prioritising issues.
  • The most important levers are identified. In the case of greater effort, support is sought from external experts.
  • MYBLUEPLANET supports organisations in planning their climate protection goals and ClimateActions.
  • We provide organisations with a user-friendly tool for planning, implementing and monitoring ClimateActions.
  • The jointly defined ClimateActions are implemented.
  • We advise the organisation and support it with our knowledge and network.
  • The achievement of objectives is continuously evaluated and possible optimisations are identified.
  • In regular meetings, we jointly record successes, obstacles and findings.
  • The contract with MYBLUEPLANET can be renewed or extended.
  • In the event of an extension, a long-term concept for climate protection will be developed. This will aim for the goal of net zero by 2050.

Supporting elements for the BlueLine journey

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a key lever and success factor of the ClimateActions 4 Companies program.

Together, we motivate and empower employees to become problem solvers and implement climate protection measures. Participation in activities, events and the implementation of challenges on the ClimateActions app are further components of the program. We see the bottom-up approach as an important mechanism for establishing sustainable and long-term climate protection in SMEs.

Drei ZEOS Teamwork rot blau blauer Streifen


Together, we develop ambitious climate protection goals and concrete ClimateActions for immediate implementation in your organization.

MYBLUEPLANET provides participating companies with a tool that facilitates the planning, implementation and monitoring of ClimateActions. Together, we prioritize the most relevant topics for your organization, such as electricity, waste, etc. The goal is for the participating companies to implement various ClimateActions during the collaboration and thus reduce their CO2 emissions.

ZEO fährt den Climate Actions Wagen gelb blauer Streifen

App «ClimateActions»


The “ClimateActions” app provides participating companies with a valuable tool to motivate and involve all employees in implementing ClimateActions.

On the “ClimateActions” app, knowledge about climate protection is communicated in a playful way via challenges and motivates employees and guests to change their behavior in a simple way. Teams can be formed and compete against each other to implement climate protection measures. Successes can be rewarded in the form of prizes and awards. It is also possible to customize the content of the app for the respective company in order to involve employees, guests and customers even more effectively. For more information on the ClimateActions app, click here.

ZEO Handy trägt CO2 Kanister grau schwarz blau


Through events, the climate protection goals and measures of your organization become tangible, concrete and tangible.

Our range of events is divided into individual Company Events and Community Events, which bring together various stakeholders from the MYBLUEPLANET community. The community events include, for example, the ErfaDay, where the participating organizations can exchange ideas and receive valuable input. Company events include, for example, the ClimateSummit, an internal exchange of experience and information over coffee and croissants.

ZEO fährt den Events Wagen grün blauer Streifen

Communication Kit


Communication is an important accompanying element to bring all stakeholders along on the journey. We support the organizations in this.

Participating companies receive a user-friendly communication kit. This includes ideas and inspiration as well as tips and templates. We equip the organisations with digital communication modules such as climate protection tips, text modules as well as visual and textual content for the media and communication channels. We encourage transparent communication to celebrate successes, share knowledge and raise awareness for active climate protection.

ZEO fährt den Communication Kit Wagen lila blauer Streifen

3 good reasons to participate



With sensible climate protection measures, your organisation is taking action against the greatest threat to society.  



Employees are more engaged in their roles and become stronger ambassadors for the organisation..


Your organisations is ahead of others and is establishing itself as a pioneer in the areas of climate protection and climate neutrality.


3 good reasons to become a partner company


With sensible climate protection measures, your company is taking action against the greatest threat to society.  


Your employees are more engaged in their roles and become stronger ambassadors for the company. They are also more interested in long-term employment.


They are ahead of other companies and are establishing themselves as pioneers in the field of sustainability.


Participating organisations



Logo Swisstainable grün Berg ohne Hintergrund

Award for participating businesses

The sustainability programme Swisstainable does not want to create a new certification, but more orientation for you as guests. At the same time, a movement is being launched in which the entire industry can participate. With ClimateActions 4 Companies we motivate you to actively participate in this movement. All tourism businesses that participate in ClimateActions 4 Companies and are at Swisstainable Level 1 – “committed” will now receive the sustainability award “Swisstainable Level 2 – “engaged” from the Swiss Tourism Federation. 


Logo 42 hacks pink orange rosa blau weiss Hintergrund

Creative solutions with 42hacks

42hacks is an international community that aims to reduce the risks of climate change through radically open innovation processes and collective creativity. They already launched their first ecosystem start-up dedicated to green mobility. The goal of ÖV42 is to win over car drivers for public transport and thus massively reduce the CO2 footprint of transport in Switzerland. To this end, a dedicated core team of multiple entrepreneurs, scientists and design thinkers developed an artificial intelligence that analyses real-time and historical mobility data in Switzerland and can make suggestions for improvements.


Logo Hochschule Luzern Lucerne Univeristy of Applied Sciences and Arts schwarz ohne Hintergrund

Knowledge partner Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts 

With the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), we have a strong knowledge partner at our side. With her team, Prof. Dr. Julianna Priskin, Institute for Tourism and Mobility ITM, will support us in the programme with practical, in-depth expertise and effective communication. The Institute for Tourism and Mobility ITM conducts research in the fields of tourism, mobility and sustainability and works closely with practical partners who benefit directly from the knowledge gained.  


Innotour SECO logo gross

More climate protection thanks to Innotour 

Innotour, the programme of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to promote innovation in Swiss tourism, has generously promised MYBLUEPLANET support. Now we can really get started! We want to take 50 businesses on the road to net zero by the end of 2023 and 100 by the end of 2024. Thanks to the generous support, participating businesses only pay a small contribution and are actively supported on their way by our ClimateActions 4 Companies.  


Logo und Claim Hotel Rössli ohne Hintergrund schwarz beige

Success Story Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa

Hotellerie Suisse published an exciting article about the energy shortage. Jan Molderings from the participating ClimateActions 4 Companies company Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa reports on long-term measures that help to reduce energy consumption.



Gebäude Schulthess Maschinen AG grün rasen Flaggen urban blauer Himmel

Schulthess relies on solar energy

Our ClimateActions 4 Companies partner Schulthess Maschinen AG is on track to achieve CO2-neutral production by 2030. With the measures of its “Go Clean. Go Green” strategy, the washing machine manufacturer is leading the way towards net zero: since the beginning of May 2022, a 1700 m2 solar plant has been under construction at the main site in Wolfhausen with the support of Energie360.


Bild Hotel Rössli Erfa-Day Gebäude Holzfassade altes Gebäude Landschaft Himmel Blau

Our first ErfaDay:

A day full of exchange

“There is nothing good unless you do it.”

This quote by Erich Kästner fits the ClimateActions 4 Companies programme particularly well. Because we actively implement and are on the way to a climate-friendly future together. 

In order for us to learn from each other and be inspired, MYBLUEPLANET organises an annual exchange of experience and knowledge so that important findings from our projects are transferred and we can jointly shape a climate-friendly tomorrow.


Erdkugel Planet im Rasen durchsichtig grün

FC Winterthur starts the season with Klimaschutz

On Saturday, 11 September 2021, MYBLUEPLANET celebrated its 15th anniversary. But there is also something to celebrate: FC Winterthur will be taking part in the ClimateActions 4 Companies programme from 1 October 2021 and will be a pioneer in the football scene in the direction of climate neutrality. In addition to a sustainable aperitif and social get-together, the cooperation was celebrated with a kick-off at the Schützenwiese stadium. This highlight was followed by the first (home) match of the season.

Logo OMG Omnicom Media Group blau

Omnicom Media Group joins ClimateActions 4 Companies programme

In October 2021, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) became the sixth organisation to launch into our ClimateActions 4 Companies programme. OMG is one of the world’s leading corporate communications (public relations, advertising and marketing) companies. We look forward to working together and moving towards net zero together.

About us


Team MYBLUEPLANET Daniel Lüscher hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Co-Program Manager

Team Myblueplanet Teammitglied hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Rauand Kreutzer
Co-Program Manager

Team MYBLUEPLANET Khulan hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Khulan Berger
Regional Director Romandie

Team MYBLUEPLANET Natalie hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Natalie Kiontke
Head of Communication

Team MYBLUEPLANET Esther hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Esther Brechbühler
Project Manager

Team MYBLUEPLANET Max Rüttinger hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Max Rüttinger
Project Manager

Team MYBLUEPLANET Leona Müller hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Leona Müller
Assistenz Climateactions

Team MYBLUEPLANET Bosco Büeler hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Bosco Büeler
Volunteer Projektleitung Hof Tschannen

Team MYBLUEPLANET Sven hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Sven Berther
Volunteer Projektleitung FCW

Team MYBLUEPLANET Peter hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Peter Maly
Volunteer Klimawissen

Portrait Ashima Rajput Büro office

Ashima Rajput
Volunteer Digitalisierung

Team MYBLUEPLANET Thibault Paquier hält Planet weisser Hintergrund

Thibault Paquier
Project Assistant

ZEO hält Arme offen im Sprung

Sibylle Grass
Volunteer ClimateActions

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