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The Circular City Campaign 

Think circular – for healthy, climate-friendly and future-oriented consumption!

Our consumption habits contribute around 27% to our ecological footprint. This means for Switzerland,
that we currently consume as if we had 2.8 Earths at our disposal.

With the Circular City project, we want to use the model of the circular economy to solve problems such as the shortage of raw materials,
waste and environmental pollution throughout Switzerland and ultimately also globally.

The path to sustainable consumer behaviour starts locally – with us and with you. We can all extend the life of objects,
by reusing, repairing, upgrading and sharing them with others.

Winterthur already has a number of companies that specialise in reuse, repair and upcycling. We present 12 of these sustainable companies here.



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Before throwing something away, think about how you can reuse or repurpose it. If an item no longer serves its original purpose, it may be able to take on a new function or be reused by someone else.



When shopping, you can make sure that your product is repairable. Many items can be repaired from the comfort of your own home. For more complex repairs, there are specific repair shops you can visit.



Buy products that are already part of the circular economy by either recycling or upcycling them. Support such sustainable, creative ideas with your purchase or try your hand at an upcycling project yourself.


Our Circular City Shops in Winterthur

UpcyclingCity Shop Textilwerk Mantel Shirts Hemden Gurt Jeans neutraler Hintergrund

Textilwerk – Upcycling

The Textilwerk places special emphasis on social and ecological aspects. It offers inspiration and opportunity for sewing, designing, sharing, experimenting, observing, changing and upgrading.

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Wiederverwerkle – Upcycling

At Wiederverwerkle we are committed to a more sustainable use of our resources and offer used wood, metal and upcycled products.

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UpcyclingCity Shop Wiederverwerklen Holz Möbel Weinharassen Spielsachen Korb Licht Laden Artikel

Changemaker – Recycling

Every product has its own story. With Changemaker, you can be sure it’s a good one. All Changemaker products with the recycling icon are directly or indirectly recycled or recyclable, helping to reduce garbage dump.

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S’Zäni-Lädeli – Upcycling

Made from canvas from the Winterthur Music Festival – with hand, skill and heart. A MUST for every Winterthur resident. Each bag is unique. Made at the Brühlgut Foundation.

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UpcyclingCity Shop szänilädeli Taschen Treppen Startrampe Steinbergga
UpcyclingCity Shop Ässbar Gemeinsam gegen Foodwaste Backwaren Lebensmittel

Ässbar – Reuse

Baked goods – fresh from yesterday. Bread and baked goods should be given a second life. Every day, countless loaves of bread, croissants and sandwiches end up in the trash. Together against food waste.

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Secondhand – Caritas – Reuse

“Caritas Secondhand guarantees sustainable recycling and solidarity”. For the best possible recycling of old textiles in particular, in order to make a sustainable contribution to the environment.

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UpcyclingCity Shop Caritas Laden Chandelier diverse Artikel
Wanderuntensilien Buch Kind draussen Sport

Spiel & Sport Börse – Reuse

The exchange for all sports fans. Here you will find used sportswear and hardware from all sports for children and adults. There is also a large selection of toys waiting for new adventures. You can also sell your sportswear and toys.

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Kinder-Kleiderbörse-Buntspächt – Reuse

Children’s clothes cost – and are often only needed for a short time. The Buntspächt clothing exchange offers a solution for both. If you are looking for inexpensive, second-hand but still beautiful clothes for your children, you will find them here.

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Kleiderbörse Buntspächt Betonwand Kleider Specht Socke Schnabel rot schwarz weiss
Bild von Tauschhaus Winterthur in neben dem Baum

Give and Take – Reuse

Give&Take is the house of giving in the heart of Winterthur, where anyone can bring anything that others can still use and take anything they like. According to the slogan: Give&Take – so that things live longer. And: What you have lying around unused is still needed elsewhere.

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Dynamoo- Velowerkstatt – Repair

At Adamo Lochmatter’s bike workshop, your bike will be fit again. Whether touring or racing bike, mountain or e-bike: we maintain and repair all types of bikes.

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UpcyclingCity Shop Dynamoo Vélos Veloservice Velowerkstatt
Upccycling Shop Verkäufer Stand Beratung diverse Sachen Waren blau Schürze

Schuhmacherei R. Hess – Repair

High-quality shoes are very durable, but they are also subject to natural wear and tear. Timely repair means the economical alternative to buying new.

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Flickfabrik – Repair

We help repair the following goods: household appliances, consumer electronics, textiles, bicycles, small wooden furniture and objects, computers, mobile phones and tablets.


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UpcyclingCity_Shop_Flickfabrik Kinder Erwachsene sitzen gespräche
CircularCity Shop Revendo Rucksäcke Taschen Upcycling

Revendo – Upcycling – Repair

Since 2013, Revendo has been working against the ever-growing mountain of electronic waste with its upcycling concept. The successful concept is very simple: Instead of throwing your used device in the rubbish, you can simply sell it at revendo for a fair price.

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Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet?

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Would you like to know more?

Our project manager Karin Witschi can help

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