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Become a volunteer at MYBLUEPLANET!

We are always looking for voluntary help. Check out the following slides to see a few examples of which areas you could help us in.

Get involved in climate protection, get to know committed people, gather experience and bring in your strengths!

For the successful implementation of climate actions, campaigns and projects we need people who are willing to spend a few hours of their time for and with us free of charge. You make it possible for many people to get information from us and thus be moved towards climate protection in their everyday lives.

Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the cooperation.

How do you benefit from working with us?

  • Insight into the committed and interdisciplinary work in an NGO
  • Great network of experienced professionals, support from experts
  • Free membership to myblueplanet after 40 hours of voluntary work
  • Recognition on our website in the section Volunteers.
  • No contractual obligation

    We look forward to you!

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