Planting Trees in the ground and climate action in the heart

Take one of our trees and plant it in your garden, on your balcony or in another permitted place in Switzerland. The tree will grow and absorb more and more CO2 each year. In this way you contribute to raising climate awareness and are a positive role model for your neighbors, friends, children and / or parents.

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News from MyBlueTree!

In November 2020, MyBlueTree will embark on a new tree planting adventure with the Swiss Guide and Scout Movement (Pfadibewegung Schweiz). Together we want to plant around 500 trees throughout Switzerland and set an example for climate protection. Tree planting will be integrated into the activities of the scouts, and they will receive helpful information from us about the role of trees in climate issues. The project is generously supported by the Josef Kressibucher AG tree nursery and the Swiss Post. We would like to thank the nursery for their tree expertise and the Swiss Post for its climate-friendly shipping.


Whether Amazon and African rainforests or vast areas of Siberian forests – the Earth’s green lungs are burning! To the devastating forest fires worldwide, add the clearing of rainforests for our consumer products. This equals a terrible development for climate change, as forests play an important role in climate protection: trees constantly absorb and store CO2.



To mark our 10th anniversary in 2017, MYBLUEPLANET gave away 1,000 BlueTrees. Since then our organization has traditionally given out BlueTrees in November.

It’s the ideal time of year to plant trees, and with our respected partners we set an example for climate protection.  Visit our image gallery to view the reactions that BlueTrees generated.

Visit our image gallery to view the reactions that the BlueTrees generated.

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