What is Give&Take?


The conscientious use of resources helps protect the environment. Handing down, recycling and reusing are positive and constructive actions, which in turn extends a product’s lifespan/useful life. Everyone can effectively contribute toward responsible use and subsequent disposal of materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Give&Take makes the cause of CO2 reduction and sufficiency visible and tangible for everyone at the swap meet, the swap mobiles and the in-store swap station in Zurzach. Give&Take is the place where anyone can bring almost anything that others can still use and pick up what they like. According to the motto: Give&Take – so that things live longer. And: What you have lying around unused is still needed elsewhere.

Only items that can be given away with a clear conscience, i.e. that are clean, intact and in good working order, should be donated. Please refrain from donating perishable goods, hygiene articles and packaging material. Everything in the box is for personal use only. Fair play is appealed to as a matter of honor.

It takes a lot of heart and soul to turn Give&Take into a successfully functioning gift house. This project can only survive in the long term thanks to the active and financial support of volunteers and partners.

Volunteers open and close the swap house and the swap mobiles. It can happen that for various reasons such as illness, unforeseen circumstances etc. the swap house or swap mobile is closed. We thank you for your understanding.


Here you can swap at the moment


Please go to the German site for up to date information.





Rules for Swapping

Good condition and no big things

Only clean, well-maintained and complete/undamaged items are permitted. No food. Do not deposit any goods outside the swap mobile. Please do not bring large items such as furniture, child seats into the swap mobile. Only items that fit on the shelves. Thank you!



Fair play is a matter of honour: everyone leaves a clean, tidy exchange location and thus helps to ensure the success of our initiative.

Nothing dangerous

Knives and flammable objects are not permitted.

The Swap Meet

Always something going on

Give & Take

Where: Treffpunkt Vogelsang, Untere Vogelsangstrasse 2, Winterthur

When: Tuesday – Friday, 14 – 17 o’clock

Partners on site: Treffpunkt Vogelsang, Kleidertusch

No clothes or books can be brought.
We are looking forward to your visit!
Do you wanna help or do you have questions?
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Swap Mobiles

Always on the Move

Give and Take Tauschmobil Anhänger Dialogplatz im Park blau

The swap mobiles are an idea from MYBLUEPLANET and have been on the road in Winterthur since 2022 and in Zurich since 2023.

One swap mobile was launched in cooperation with AXA in Winterthur and is now on the road in Zurich with the support of the City of Zurich, Stadtidee Zürich, the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE Switzerland, the Freiblick building cooperative and the ABZ Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich.

Another was launched in cooperation with the city of Winterthur and Smart City and is touring various neighbourhoods in Winterthur. This allows people to swap very locally, as it is right on their doorstep. Everyone can take part and benefit from this free offer. With the co-operatives Gesewo, HGW, GWG and the Mattenbach Reformed Church, we have local partners who support us on the ground.

Volunteers open and close the swap mobiles. It can happen that the swap mobile is closed for various reasons such as illness, unforeseen circumstances, etc. We thank you for your understanding. We thank you for your understanding.
It is a free service. We are happy about every donation.

Swap at Triumph Factory Outlet

Instore Swap Station

Foto vom Give & Take im Triumph Store in Bad Zurzach

The Triumph Group is providing a Give & Take corner in its Triumph factory outlet in Bad Zurzach.

The concept: customers can place old accessories such as jewellery, bags and scarves in the Give & Take corner – other customers can help themselves. This also gives accessories a new lease of life.

Triumph thus shows how sustainability commitment works on several levels. On the one hand, the employees ensure that the Give & Take corner runs smoothly, while on the other, the management provides valuable shop space for this project with a strong statement character.

We hope that other companies will follow suit! Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

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The Swap Shop in Winterthur

The Original

Bild von Tauschhaus Winterthur in einem Park

The swap shop is looking for a new location.

Would you like to help or do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Give and Take stand holz diverse Sachen zum tauschen

Be part of the Give&Take team and take care of the house. We are still looking for someone who lives in Winterthur or the surrounding area and is always on the lookout. Get in touch with us by e-mail.

Conact us

Would you like to support the project? But don’t have time to look after the little house? Donate now and support the reconstruction and maintenance of the swap shop.


We Thank our Partners


One swap mobile is supported by the Smart City innovation loan and the City of Winterthur Energiestadt Gold. We are also supported in the neighbourhoods by the municipal libraries of Seen and Wülflingen, the housing cooperatives GWG, HGW and Gesewo, and the Winterthur Mattenbach and Veltheim Reformed Churches. Another swap mobile is sponsored by AXA, the City of Zurich Department of Health and the Environment (UGZ) and the City of Zurich Department of Civil Engineering and Waste Disposal (ERZ), Stadtidee Zürich and the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE funding programme. In the neighbourhoods, we are supported by Bauchgenossenschaft Freiblick and ABZ Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich.

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Would you like to know more?

Our project leader Karin Witschi can help you further.

To all our Project & Program Managers
Team Myblueplanet Karin Witschi hält Planet weisser Hintergrund


Other projects in the field of reuse / Second-Hand

Fortunately, we are not alone in our commitment to further climate protection! There are a number of other entities promoting increased sustainability with original ideas and endeavors.

Listed here is a selection of projects and offers concerned with the topic Second-Hand, which complement our programs and that we warmly recommend. Do you know of any others? Then, write to us.

We welcome and are interested in initiatives that promote and support climate and environmental protection.


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