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Good News! The popular Give & Take swap shop in Winterthur will soon be rebuilt in a new form at a new location. Until then, please be patient. Stay tuned, more information is to follow.


Join the Give & Take team. We are still looking for someone based in Winterthur or the surrounding area who can check on the shop to see if everything is in order. Kindly get in touch with us by email.

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Do you want to support the project, but have no time to take care of the shop? Donate now and support the reconstruction and maintenance of the swap shop.


What is the Swap Shop?

The conscientious use of resources helps protect the environment. Handing down, recycling and reusing are positive and constructive actions, which in turn extends a product’s lifespan/useful life. Everyone can effectively contribute toward responsible use and subsequent disposal of materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. 

In the city of Winterthur, Give & Take provides a convenient location for those interested in sustainable lifestyle options and reducing CO2. It is a venue in the heart of Winterthur where residents can bring items that others may wish to use, whilst obtaining something new for themselves. Abide by the slogan: Give & Take – so that material things enjoy a longer life. Furthermore, what is laying around unused could be of value elsewhere.

Donate only those items that are given with a clear conscience, i.e. products that are clean, intact and functional. Please refrain from dropping off perishable goods, hygiene articles and packaging materials. The Swap Shop welcomes merchandise intended for personal use only. Fair play is appealed to as a matter of honor. It takes a lot of passion to turn Give & Take into a gift shop that successfully functions continuously. The project can only survive long-term through ongoing volunteer efforts and financial donations.

Would like to know more?

Our project leader Beat Bühler will help you out.

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Many thanks to our partners, who made Give & Take possible!

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