ClimateLab: educational workshops for apprentices 

ClimateLab workshops provide important background information on climate protection and project management. But that’s not all: the ClimateLab is also about thinking for yourself, developing ideas and implementing them. Because knowledge alone does not change anything.

Dedicated and motivated apprentices up to 25 years of age can register in consultation with their supervisor.

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4 good reasons for you to participate in our ClimateLab:

Instead of dry theory, you gain knowledge through excursions, films, guided discussions, group tasks or cooking – all together with the other apprentices. Everyone brings their own topics and experiences to the workshop. This is how knowledge turns into real climate protection.

Project realisations in the last years

The aim of the bluecamp is for you to submit your projects to our partner project myclimate Energy and Climate Workshop after they have been successfully implemented, so that you can measure yourself against the innovative ideas of others. The following students did this and we are very proud that more than half of all bluesolutions were awarded!


1. Place Energy: The future lies in building automation

2. Place Innovation: Energysavingbox

Sensitisation: Flims-Laax Stofftaschen

Planing: Energieeffizientes Modellhaus


Fresh air CO2nzept (naef landscape architects)

1. Place Energy: PET vs. Water dispenser (Kühne + Nagel)

Energy efficient shower heads (myclimate)

libs educational film (libs)

3. Place Planing: A step into the future of light (Stadt Winterthur)


1. Platz Sensibilisierung: Every day counts – small deeds – big impact (Stadt Winterthur)

standing lamps renewal (Hefti. Hess. Martignoni. Holding AG)

Green Battery (libs)

Every lap counts – Running for the climate (Stadt Zürich)


Every day clounts – small deets – big inpact* (Stadt Winterthur)


Green Battery (libs)

Every lap counts – Running for the climate (Stadt Zürich)

standing lamps renewal (Hefti. Hess. Martignoni. Holding AG)


Every liter counts! * (2‘500 kWh/Jahr -> ca. 1.5 tCO2)

reduce water consumption (6‘000 kWh/Jahr)

Kühne + Nagel AG goes green*


Redesign of the Workshop energy sesitisation *

energy efficient living


Saving energy with LED * (19‘000 kWh/Jahr)

“Ice age” (450 kWh/Jahr)

Conscious energy saving*

Dyson Airblade – paperless hand drying

Druckbehälter-Entsorgung (Spraydosen)

How to save energy

Replacement of the window front in the common room

LED-Lights = Inteligent lights

sustainable cooking

Tipps and tricks to the environment

Watter despencer at reception

Those with * were / will be awarded a prize in their category or are nominated.


All ClimateLabs will be conducted in the primary language of their host city. 

If you still have questions about the ClimateLab or would like to talk to former participants, please write us an email at or call us at +41 52 203 02 32.
Our project manager Sarah Böttinger will be happy to provide further information. 


Does this all sound interesting? It is! And you can be there this year, too, if you apply! You will learn what harms the climate and what you can concretely do so that something changes. Apprentices up to the age of 25 can take part. The workshop lasts two days and costs CHF 500.


And if you want to get a taste of ClimateLab in advance: Click here for the recording of our first virtual ClimateLab with co-founder of the Swiss climate strike movement Marie-Claire Graf and sustainability lecturer Prof. Dr. Tobias Stucki from the Bern University of Applied Sciences.


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    Many thanks to our partners that make ClimateLab happen! 


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