Download the climate-coach app now Become beta tester today and load the app onto your android device. Track your personal progress for active climate protection actions and compare results among friends. Now in beta testing, you can download the app from 3rd of June onwards from Google Play or the App Store and take part into our challenges. Whilst our monthly challenges have been designed simple and sexy, the app also provides elaborate information for those who would like to gain a deeper understanding on climate protection and related topics. Are you ready for the new challenge which is also good for climate? Get the myblueplanet climate-coach app!

Upcoming Challenges

March mygourmet your journey to a more sustainable food culture
April mymobility your journey to more sustainable transportation
Mai mywater your journey to more sustainable water usage
Our thanks goes to our fantastic partners which make this project possible: BAFU, Klimafonds Stadtwerk Winterthur, Energie 360° AG, smoca AG, Google, Supercomupting System AG, Sustainability Week Switzerland, respectomorrow, and our great volunteers!