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Taking the train

Fancy a holiday in Europe? London, Barcelona or the Côte d’Azur – one can reach practically any European destination by rail, feeling relaxed all while conserving CO2.

What can you do?

  • Take the train and embark on your vacation without losing your nerves.

Additional information

Where would you like to travel?

Travel Agency – Railtour is the SBB’s travel agency and offers many appealing itineraries. Leisure activities – Railaway offers leisure trips for one or more days. Timetable – the SBB timetable will provide you with optimal rail connections in seconds. CO2 calculator – use the CO2 calculator to determine the carbon footprint of your trip.

Climate facts and figures

Airlines and tour operators are fulfilling dreams of jetting to European cities for shopping weekends, football matches or concerts, by offering ever cheaper flights. The issue is these types of trips are bad for the environment. Seen also in a 2014 report by Swiss Television (Schweizer Fernsehen). A comparison:

Means of transport Paris Barcelona
Train 5.7 kg CO2 17.4 kg CO2
Aircraft 145.5 kg CO2 204 kg CO2

(Sources: myclimate / SBB)

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