Positioning and description of MYBLUEPLANET

MYBLUEPLANET as an organization in the Swiss market


We want to play a decisive role in climate protection in Switzerland.

MYBLUEPLANET is an independent, non-profit organization committed to concrete climate protection in Switzerland. As a leading climate protection organization, we develop innovative projects that enable our partners – individuals, companies, schools and communities – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within their sphere of influence. Our strength and motivation is based on our agility in developing new activities and establishing them with the aim of guiding Switzerland towards net zero. We attach great importance to the digitization of our organization and our activities.


Employees, volunteers, members as actors


Our community lives our mission and drives our activities.

Our employees, volunteers and members are committed to climate protection out of conviction and act as active shapers of our organization. Their actions are credible and solution-oriented, transparent and pragmatic, and the tone of communication is positive and motivating. Within the team, cooperation is characterized by mutual appreciation, co-determination and responsibility – values that contribute to the organization’s ability to develop and continuously improve the quality of its work.


Partners – individuals, companies, schools and communities – as beneficiaries/recipients


We provide comprehensive support to our partners in the development and implementation of their climate protection activities.

With our commitments and projects, we ensure effective climate protection in everyday life. Our tips, which can be implemented immediately, allow private individuals to change their personal behavior in favor of climate protection in various areas of life. At the level of companies, schools and communities, we want to be the first choice when it comes to implementing climate protection concepts. We align our services and solutions with the needs of our partners and strive for long-term cooperation for a climate-friendly tomorrow.