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DIY renewable energy

Photovoltaic systems on roofs and facades can increase a property’s value. Produce your own electricity and feed surpluses into an in-house battery system (e.g. electric vehicle) or a power grid. The more electricity you can utilize, the more profitable the system.

What to do?

In There are highly trained experts in your region who can help you plan and install photovoltaic systems. Your electricity supplier (see the address on your electricity bill) will be happy to assist as well.

  • You can make an initial estimate of the yield and costs with the Swissolar solar roof calculator.
  • The installation of PV systems is financially subsidized by the public sector. More information can be found on via EnergieExperten.
  • Contact solar professionals in your area. You can find more information on their Website.

Additional information

Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity – without waste, noise or exhaust fumes. This technology is known as Photovoltaics (PV).

Solar photovoltaics is experiencing a growth trajectory worldwide. More and more countries are focusing on clean, renewable energy from the sun. The yearly global addition of photovoltaic power supplies about as much electricity as 7 nuclear power plants the size of the Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (Aargau).  In Switzerland the photovoltaic industry has already made a significant economic impact, adding around 5500 jobs, and annual sales of CHF 740 million.

25 m2 of photovoltaic surface area is needed to cover the annual electricity requirements of a typical household (4000 kWh).

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