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Myblueplanet was founded on 2006. A lot has changed since then. We have grown considerably, but our theme has remained the same: we show with small actions what will be realizable on the close-up.

November 2006: The first step

After watching the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” at New York, it was clear for Dani Lüscher that it was time to act.  When he was back in Switzerland he contacted a few friends and all together they began. Just two weeks later, they collected enough money to play for free the documentary “Al Gore” at a cinema in Winterthur. It was a success. More than 15,000 people watched the movie. That was myblueplanet’s birth as an organization, a citizens’ initiative who want to involve themselves personally on the theme of climate protection. 

2006-2007: The ideas come true

Free cinema for all: “An Inconvenient Truth” in Winterthur

For a week, myblueplanet was able to play the film three or four times per day in a cinema at Winterthur.  The room was full every time. It was a complete success. This cinema idea of Winterthur was imitated lately with the same success at Schaffhausen and Zug. 

Free cinema for the schools and a DVD action for transmitting the knowledge

With the purpose of familiarizing young people with the theme of global warming, myblueplanet let 15 schools watch the film “An Inconvenient Truth”. More than 1,000 DVDS were produced and distributed to the public with the help of 45 enterprises from the region. This project was the birth of the “Films for the Earth” organization, which continues offering free documentaries to schools. 



“Jetzt umsteigen” publicity campaign at the public transports 

On December 2006, myblueplanet started a program at the public transports in Winterthur, which offers every month some information and ideas about the climate protection and which make us aware of our own acts. 





The ideas come trees

For every idea accomplished, myblueplanet plant a tree in Winterthur. Each tree has the correspondent information about the project.

Project concourse and encouragement prize

In cooperation with the ZHAW school at Winterthur myblueplanet launched a concourse for the students on the field of “Angwandler Klima-/Umweltschutz”. It was planned to support 5 projects of which the two best would be developed as diploma work.  The best was rewarded with a prize. 

“Live Earth Concert” July 7th, 2007 at the Albani Musicbar

“Live Earth”: it was a series of international concerts that took place the 07.07.07 in many cities of the world. Myblueplanet organized that day a concert of 24 hours with more than 100 musicians who declared with their show, being for a better management of our planet and take climate change very seriously.

Projects 2008 – 2010: A supportive environment for the local projects

Winterthur’s region climatic symposium, February 23rd, 2008

All the 25 communal presidents of the Winterthur’s region as well as the city counselor M. Michael Künzle participated at the climatic symposium on a discussion about working together for the climate protection. The aim of the symposium was to observe the examples “good-practice” and to make known the way to undertake. 

Corporate volunteering, June 20th, 2008

The employees of AXA Assurance in Winterthur were engaged for an action. Under the theme “heart for heart” they distributed 700 products on a day which could economy water. In addition, they visited a residence for seniors.  The volunteers were able to change their daily routine and be in contact with aged people. The residents congratulated the seriousness and the efficacy of the action, the action’s chief was happy about the will of all the participants, as well as their great availability of working together of the enterprises related. 

“Blueday”, December 8th,2008

For the first time, we sent our blue Santa Clauses. On December 8th, all the train passengers from the region are thanked at the Bahnofstrasse in Zurich because of their respectful climate behavior. A very popular action announced by the Zurich and Winterthur media.

“Blueparty” March 27th, 2010

The first three years of myblueplanet – We had a party in Winterthur with all the volunteers as well as the sponsors. 

Exposition “Klimawelt” Zurich 2010 from 9 to 11 June

The “Klimawelt” exposition, that took place on the grand hall of the central station was a mix of exposition, forum and fair which was focused on the CO2 reduction. We could also found commercial stands of the electro, habitat and mobility appliances. The exposition functioned also as a platform for several not-profit organizations, which were presenting their different themes about the climate protection, as well as different easy actions to be taken by the public. The exposition was directed by discourses and open discussions. 


2010 – today: Local projects come actions and campaigns

We have become a real organization after the year 2006. Over the last 5 years we have grown tremendously. The organization’s office has now a team of 5 employees. Our campaigns and actions are more in more sustained by our community of volunteers. We can count with different specialist from different fields just like economy, communication, marketing psychology, ecological technology, etc. Thanks to all the support, we are now able to carry out projects for the protection of the climate throughout Switzerland while being well stablished locally.  That make us proud and we want to be built on this. Here you can look at our campaigns and actions:




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