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Today together for tomorrow
Help with climate protection!

  • Bild: pixabay

    Your own power plant

    We visit two swiss start ups who impress with new ideas for the private power production.  «KlimaRadar»  (in german).

  • Reduce your energy consumption

    It is good for the climate and for your purse. Read here for more information.

  • Bosco weiss Rat

    Jeden Freitag: Klimaschutz-Fragestunde

    Besuche Bosco am «blauen Tisch» im Café Coalmine. Immer freitags von 10-11 Uhr. Das Angebot ist komplett gratis.

  • Right now, snow needs us

    You can act here.

  • This ist myblueplanet!

    Watch the clip (german), experience myblueplanet and get inspired!

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We need snow but right now snow needs you

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