Climate Friendly Vacation? Off to Weggis!

Möwe fliegt über dem See

Our association president Daniel Lüscher has visited undercover the Hotel Rössli in Weggis, Lucerne, which participates in our ClimateActions 4 Companies program. Why sustainability sometimes means courage to reduce, especially in the tourism industry, and whether he recommends a stay, you can find out in this report.

Boat trip towards Weggis – a fairytale beginning

What could be better than handing over responsibility for a few days, being catered to and simply enjoying yourself? This is exactly what Daniel Lüscher was looking forward to when he paid a visit to the Hotel Rössli in October 2021. What was particularly exciting about this little break was that it allowed him to test out one of the MYBLUEPLANET partner hotels for himself. Although his visit is now a little further back in time, Daniel is quick to rave about the experience: «It all started with a wonderful boat trip across Lake Lucerne. As we headed for beautiful Weggis, I felt like I was in a fairy tale: A single seagull accompanied our journey over water, circling above us in the bright blue sky.»

Young collaboration in front of old history

Since 2021, the Hotel Rössli has participated in the ClimateActions 4 Companies program of MYBLUEPLANET. The cooperation is the young branch of an old tree, since already in the 16th century guests, later also illustrious personalities, were catered for in this four-star hotel. Precisely because of its historical heritage, sustainability is not a new concept at the Rössli: through its long existence, the hotel considers itself closely interwoven with the local economy and the idyllic nature of the region. «You quickly notice that for the Rössli this intertwining means the responsibility to preserve and protect the beauty of the place.»

Sustainability that is clearly visible

Regionality and seasonality are top priorities in the hotel operation. Anything that can be sourced in Weggis itself is always preferred. This applies not only to food and household products but also to services, which are organized locally wherever possible. This considerate attitude to transport routes and the associated emissions also promotes regional cooperation in Weggis.       
To recognize the Rössli’s strong regional focus, Daniel didn’t necessarily have to read the fine print – a simple glance out the window was enough. «I was amazed when I discovered Schnarwiler AG, the company that had produced my “Re use me” hotel finches, directly opposite the hotel. These flip-flops, sustainably produced from cork and sold or rented out at the hotel, are just one of numerous reusable products at the Rössli. From the comb, to the toothbrush, to the tap water pitcher – with every hand movement I could feel how consciously one consumes here as a guest.»

The art of winning through abstinence

While sustainability in the hotel bathroom means new, aesthetically pleasing reusable products for guests, in other places the hotel has also committed to measures that involve a certain amount of sacrifice. «While taking a sauna, I learned that the Rössli deliberately forgoes the constant operation of the saunas – for the sake of the electricity that the hotel generates for the most part through its own solar system.»

Daniel realizes: Sustainability, especially in the tourism industry, sometimes means having the courage to reduce the fast, omnipresent consumption typical for our time. Those who fear an irritation of certain guests underestimate the potential for inspiration and imitation of such sustainable concepts. «As an idealized form of private household, a hotel can serve as a role model. The visit to the Rössli prompted me, too, to optimize certain aspects of my consumption at home in a sustainable way. Especially the reusable products on offer make it easy for guests to replicate the sustainable comfort of the hotel at home.»

Mindfulness as a concept – letting the guest arrive at the hotel

If superfluous offers are reduced, the focus shifts back to the essentials in the hotel. Daniel realizes that it doesn’t take a lot of extras to take some time off in a place like Weggis. «The idea of conscious, leisurely consumption will continue to define the Rössli’s collaboration with MYBLUEPLANET. While we concentrated on transport and mobility last year, the focus is now on the local experience of the hotel guests.»

Through mindfulness, guests will be able to gain a heightened awareness of the history and nature that surrounds them. In this, Daniel sees two advantages at once: «Not only does it provide guests with a profoundly relaxing stay, it also promotes the sustainability of the hotel’s operations through deliberate simplification and reduction – and that’s exactly how the partnership bears fruit.»

It takes two to achieve sustainable growth

That sustainability promoted by mindfulness is determined solely by the hotel’s offerings would probably be too simplistic a thought, Daniel says. «The conscious choices of the guest play a major role here as well. The Rössli invites its visitors to consume in an environmentally conscious manner in a comfortable ambience. In return, the hotel relies on the guest’s vote to prefer the more sustainable options, for example on the menu.» Daniel is certain that in this reciprocal relationship, sustainability can always be further developed at the Hotel Rössli.

A warm recommendation – off to Weggis!

Daniel was able to enjoy his stay in Weggis to the fullest and looks forward to further cooperation. He warmly recommends a vacation stay in the sophisticated hotel near Lake Lucerne. «Whether it’s a romantic weekend for two, time away alone or a few quiet family days, the visit will be remembered fondly and leave an impression.» After all, not many four-star hotels can say that a short walk on site is enough to illustrate the full spectrum of regionality to guests.

Article by Paula Duttweiler

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