5 Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

For many, the most beautiful time of year is Christmas. The home is decorated, delicious food is prepared, and presents are exchanged with loved ones in celebration of Christmas. What all these things mean for the environment and the climate can quickly get lost in the holiday frenzy.In England, a study showed that 80% more […]

Climate-Friendly Christmas Menu

Celebrating Christmas together with a feast: For many this is a special occasion in the spirit of giving. For the festive meal, meat or fish is frequently on the menu. However, worldwide meat production is responsible for 14.5% of all greenhouse gases, or 7.1 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalents, every year. So why not try our […]

Climate Hero in One Week

MYBLUEPLANET’s new ClimateActions app was launched recently. It promises to reduce one’s ecological footprint with challenges, games and fun. But is it really that simple?It’s finally hereEven before the launch on September 20, we tested the ClimateActions app, searched for bugs, prepared events and promotions, but I never tried the app in practice. Meanwhile that […]