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Sustainable 3-course Christmas menu

During the Christmas season, we like to indulge in a little more of everything, whether [...]

Climate Friendly Vacation? Off to Weggis!

Our association president Daniel Lüscher has visited undercover the Hotel Rössli in Weggis, Lucerne, which [...]

Climate-friendly diet: jackfruit, tempeh or lupins as an alternative to beef tenderloin

Tofu burger, lentil stew or a beef filet after all? By now, most people probably [...]

On two wheels into the future

With the exception of one’s own two feet, the bike is the most climate-friendly form [...]

CO2 – the new currency of Switzerland’s energy and Climate Policy

When it comes to quantifying the effects of climate change, the emission of greenhouse gases [...]

Tulips in December are like strawberries in February

Asparagus in January or strawberries in February. It’s become very obvious ― in order to [...]

How every sip affects the climate

A cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine in the evening, and [...]

The country needs more green spaces

See what I did there? Chances are, when you think of green, you picture parks, [...]

5 Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

For many, the most beautiful time of year is Christmas. The home is decorated, delicious [...]

Climate-Friendly Christmas Menu

Celebrating Christmas together with a feast: For many this is a special occasion in the [...]