The aim of the project «Klimamenü» is to support you and other individuals in the movement towards a climate-conscious diet. We primarily would like to achieve that by providing a continuously growing, evidence-based collection of delicious and simple low-carbon recipes alongside additional resources to promote planet-friendly eating.

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Climate-Friendly Recipes

Did you know that an average meal produces 1.6kg of carbon per serving? We have set our recipe target to reduce that average by 1kg, therefore each of our recipes are selected and adapted to ensure that the ingredients used produce less than 600g of carbon per serving. We calculate this carbon production with the assistance of our partner Eaternity and update the carbon miles month to month based on seasonal changes.

Our recipes follow a simple, flexitarian style – focusing on plant based items, while allowing for small amounts of meat, fish, poultry, and cheese. Each of our recipes are analysed by a registered dietitian to ensure that they are nutritionally balanced, and provide adequate amounts of protein, iron, calcium, B12, and zinc

We focus on dishes that utilise food items readily available in local grocery stores, and that are simple to prepare. We select recipes that typically have less than 10 ingredients, and take no more than 30 minutes to prepare. For those on a tight grocery budget, you’ll be pleased to know that climate-friendly foods are often less costly.